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Concept Prototype N

N features an open-ear, neckband-style wearable device that allows users to hear ambient sound and stay engaged with the world, while benefiting from the additional audio information that N can provide.

Develop for N

As the first Concept Prototype in Future Experience Program, we've opened up N for developers. Get access to Sony's latest technologies and create new experiences for N here.

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Concept Prototype N for Developers has come to an end. From now on, tool loan signup, segment review requests and the debug/publish distribution system are no longer available.

Thanks to all of you who supported and showed interest in N, our first concept prototype from the Future Experience Program.

Key features

Hands-free operation

N equips open speakers and acoustic beamforming technology with four microphones so the user's voice can be heard in most places. Its local and cloud hybrid speech recognition makes hands-free operation using voice commands reliable.

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Personalized Radio Service

The Personalized Radio Service automatically provides information like a radio according to users' location and current activities. Users can also speak to the device to select the preferred information. Developers will be able to contribute to this service in the coming months.

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Acoustic and sound technologies

Virtualphones Technology comfortably surrounds you with sound without covering users' ears. Multiple microphone beamforming allows for control of N by voice commands, even in noisy places. xLOUD™ adjusts the volume depending on the ambient sound of surroundings, while Clear Phase™ technology provides clear and natural sound, without extra bulk or weight.

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Spatial Acoustic Conductor

N's open-ear earphones have Spatial Acoustic Conductors, so external sounds remain audible. This means that users can engage with N and still engage with their outside environment enabling new use cases.

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Context recognition

N's Context Recognition System analyzes data from its built-in accelerometer and GNSS receiver to detect current activities and location.

Auto-tilt adjusted camera

N's Auto-Tilt Adjustment camera recognizes the inclination of a user’s posture and remains horizontal by rotating itself, automatically adjusting to take pictures which are close to the user's field of vision.


Learn more about our Future Experience Program

The Future Experience Program is where Sony shares Concept Prototypes still in development at Sony R&D with users to influence future technologies. For these Concept Prototypes, we are preparing to open the development environment. As a part of Future Experience Program for Developers, you will be able to try new technologies and create innovative applications.