IMX500 intelligent vision sensorIMX500 intelligent vision sensor

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IMX500 is a one-chip solution combining an image sensor and high-speed edge AI processing. Sign up now as an IMX500 developer to access developer resources.

The world's first Intelligent Vision Sensor with AI processing functionality

IMX500 is a one-chip solution combining an image sensor with a powerful DSP and dedicated on-chip SRAM to enable high-speed edge AI processing without needing a round trip to a server.

Start developing your applications with IMX500 to take advantage of the world's first intelligent vision sensor, featuring

  • Stacked image sensor and DSP
  • Compact ISP and DSP
  • An advanced video camera system with robust AE and AWB control
  • AI processing on a high performance DSP

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  • Drivers and applications to convert, evaluate, and deploy deep neural network models on IMX500.

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IMX500 key benefits

Addressing privacy concerns

Ensure your customer's personal privacy, and ensure your compliance with privacy regulations, by outputting the processed image metadata only

Small footprint

Sony's one chip solution means a small footprint and ultra low power consumption

High performance

Fast raw data processing with on-chip DSP (30 fps+)

Save bandwidth

Maximize edge resources by transmitting results only, not outputting the raw image stream unless explicitly requested

Low latency

On-chip AI preprocessing and inference avoid round trips with large volumes of image data to a remote server