Introducing T

T is a Concept Prototype that creates an interactive space on a table or surfaces of real objects. Users can experiment with manipulating images and information projected onto spaces.

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About T

The technologies behind T allow intuitive interaction through both object and gesture recognition, which incorporates a highly accurate depth-sensing system and machine learning techniques.

Potential use cases

Here are some ideas that show how T's technology can enhance businesses.

With T, product imagery and details can be displayed in a new way. Users can interact with products in a more tangible way thanks to T's augmented reality, multi-user display.

Shop fronts
Show combinations of objects, digital imagery, and digital information in storefront windows.

Office spaces
T offers completely new potential for co-creation. The huge display and multi-user interaction come together with the digital framework infrastructure to increase creativity, collaboration, and efficiency in the workplace.


Sony’s unique technologies, image recognition, depth-sensing system, and small projector module are combined in T, resulting in a minimal structure that offers fresh inspiration for a variety of uses in different situations.

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Key features overview

Projection Ideal Size Approximately 40 inch
Connectivity Wi-Fi/LAN/Bluetooth/USB2.0
Input Devices Microphones/Camera
Output Devices Projector/Speakers
Storage Internal Storage
Touch Interface Multi-Touch Operation
Application Runtime Environment HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
AC Adaptor 100V-240V

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