This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

Guides are available to show what you do can with the features, components, and functionality when developing for SmartWatch 2. Here you can also find Architecture & system component descriptions to summarize the most important elements involved in SmartWatch 2 development, and hardware specifications that list supported features and capabilities of SmartWatch 2. To understand all guides fully, we strongly recommend all developers to read through the architecture and important terms guides first.

Here is a list of what the available guides are covering:

  • Important terms and components – describes some of the most important terms used in SmartWatch 2 development and when referring to Smart Extension APIs.
  • Architecture & system component descriptions – describes all the parts that make up the Smart Watch 2 architecture – the host application, Smart Connect, and the Smart Accessory application.
  • Hardware specifications & API compatibility – shows the hardware specifications for SmartWatch 2, and the full list of Smart Extension APIs supported for SmartWatch 2.
  • Android Manifest – shows how to update the Android Manifest for your SmartWatch 2 project.
  • Common classes – shows the classes that are common to all SmartWatch 2 projects.
  • Registration – shows how to make your app show on the SmartWatch 2 using the Registration and Capabilities API.
  • Build your app – shows how to design your app UI using the Control API.
  • Notification – shows how to receive a notification on the SmartWatch 2 using the Notification API.
  • Watch face – shows how to create a custom watch face to implement your own clock or widget, using the Widget API.
  • Active Low Power – shows how to have your app use the Active Low Power mode feature in SmartWatch 2.
  • Sensor – shows how to access SmartWatch 2 sensor data from your app, using the Sensor API.
  • Forward compatible development – shows how to implement forward compatibility if you have already developed apps for the original SmartWatch.
  • Code examples – shows a list of some common SmartWatch 2 app use cases.