SmartWatch 2 APIs

Create innovative remote control apps, notification apps, or games for SmartWatch 2. And let your SmartWatch 2 app directly access features on the phone, without having to retrieve it from your bag or pocket.

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This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

It's easy to get started. Install the Sony's Add-on SDK, and check out the code examples, tutorials, guides and API references.

SmartWatch 2

Extend your Android app to SmartWatch 2 and create new use cases

SmartWatch 2 is a wireless, waterproof accessory for any Android device running Android 4.0 or later, and serves as a multi-function watch, notifier, remote control, and most importantly, an Android app interface. Through a framework called the Smart Extension APIs, your app can access the SmartWatch 2 display, show notifications on it, and access the sensor data. This makes it easier for your app users to interact with your app via SmartWatch 2, without having to use their phones. Get started right away!

App on the phone – display and controls on SmartWatch 2

To use a SmartWatch 2 app, the app is first installed on the smartphone, then the SmartWatch 2 is paired to the smartphone through Bluetooth. Then, tap the SmartWatch 2 app widget displayed on SmartWatch 2 to launch and use the app. Learn more about the architecture of the SmartWatch 2 framework!

SmartWatch 2 Bluetooth

SmartWatch 2

 300+ apps already available

Hundreds of developers worldwide have already created apps ranging from health and fitness, social networking, imaging, productivity to entertainment. You can for example find:

  • Games that are using the SmartWatch 2 display, and sometimes also the sensors. What about controlling your game with the accelerometer?
  • Notification apps showing emails, tweets, chat messages, calendar events and more.
  • Control apps, such as remote controls for music players, or viewfinder apps for the camera.
  • Many apps also combine control and notifications, for example health and fitness apps or map applications, where you can see your data as well as control different functionality in the app.

Check out SmartWatch 2 apps on Google Play!


SmartWatch 2 APIs

Create innovative remote control apps, notification apps, or games for SmartWatch 2. Make users utilize features on the phone, without even picking it up from your bag or pocket.

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