IR Remote API

This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

A number of Xperia devices have an IR remote sensor, and by using the IR remote API, you can develop an app that sends infrared signals. The Xperia devices which include an IR sensor also comes with a universal infrared (IR) remote control app that can control devices such as HDTVs, DVD players, audio systems, and cable boxes.

With a number of stored device profiles within the API, IR enabled apps can be made to communicate not only with Sony appliances but with appliances from other manufacturers as well (note that not all manufacturer remote codes and products are supported).

Create New Use Cases for IR Remote Apps
Sony is actually the first manufacturer to allow access to an IR remote API, so you can one of the first to develop apps that can use IR functionality. With this API, you can create new innovative IR remote use cases, such as an app that could switch the channels on TV, based on specific genres (sitcoms) or interests (sports).

How the API works

IR Remote API flow.

IR Remote API flow.

The IR remote API is a subset of functionalities embedded in Sony’s IR remote control app, through which it can transmit remote control commands. The model above illustrates how an app can access the Sony’s remote control API. If you create an app, it will have the same access level as Sony’s remote control app on the tablet or smartphone, through the IR remote API, without the need for low level communication with the infrared element.

The IR remote API supports the following IR functions (several more details and conditions apply, please see the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit. for more information):

  • Transmission of IR remote control signals.
  • Acquire a device list registered on Sony’s IR remote control app
  • Acquire device info.
  • Acquire device key.
  • Invoke the device registration screen of Sony’s IR remote control app.

You will only be able to test your IR enabled app on actual IR enabled hardware. The IR functionality cannot be simulated in the emulator included with the SDK.

Get started
To start using the IR Remote API in your app, install the Sony Add-on SDK. Then follow the instructions in the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit.