Camera Add-on API

This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

All camera apps in one menu
The Camera Add-on API enables you to both add a shortcut to your imaging app from the camera apps mode selector, and you can add a shortcut to the smart social camera apps mode selector in your imaging app UI. This way, the user can get a seamless camera experience, and make shifting in-between different camera apps really easy. The functionality is available on a range of supported Xperia devices.

For your app to be included in the camera apps mode selector on Xperia devices, the end user needs to have download and installed your imaging app from Google Play™.

Optimize for frequent usage of your imaging app
Frequent usage is essential for the success of an app. But sometimes app developers are suffering from a “fire and forget” attitude, where end users might download and start an app once, and then forget about it. But by using the Camera Add-on API, and being part of the camera app in Xperia devices, you will enable your imaging app to be visible to the end user every time he or she shifts in-between camera modes. This way you’ll ensure that the user will see your app frequently, and thus you are taking an extra step towards a frequent usage of your imaging app.

How does the Camera Add-on API work?
As a developer, you will need to add an XML file to your work project. The XML file should contain the name of your imaging app, an icon and a description. All of this will then show up to the end user in the camera mode selector screen on Xperia devices. You will also need to add some functionality to your app to integrate a clickable icon which takes the user to the camera mode selector screen.

Get started with the Camera Add-on API, documentation and code examples
To start using the Camera Add-on API in your app, install the Sony Add-on SDK. Then follow the instructions in the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit. You can also use the code examples included in the Sony Add-on SDK to get started with your development.

The Camera Add-on API comes with the following code examples:

  • Basic Camera App:This is a simple code example which shows the camera mode selector UI integration.
  • Multi Function Camera App:This is a more advanced code example which shows the camera mode selector UI integration, with capture functionality and content thumbnail support.