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Developing apps for Xperia devices is easy. Most Sony Xperia devices are Android-based, which means apps can be created for them using the Android SDK. On top of that, a number of unique APIs, including the Camera Add-on API, the IR Remote API and the Small Apps API, are available for a number of Xperia devices. With these APIs, you can create unique and innovative use cases that makes your app stand out from most other apps.

You can develop for the Camera Add-on API, Small App API or IR Remote API using the Sony Add-on SDK, which is an add-on for the standard Android SDK. The Sony Add-on SDK comes with code examples, an emulator, tutorials and API references to make your unique app development for Xperia devices straightforward.

For more information about the Camera Add-on API, Small App API or IR Remote API, check out the Camera Add-on API, IR Remote API and Small App API pages. For technical details about how to use and develop using these APIs, check out the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit.

Create innovative use cases and get more visibility
The APIs included in the Sony add-on SDK makes it possible for you to stand out from your competitors by creating truly innovative apps and use cases. In a lot of cases, you will also get better visibility as your app will be easily found by end users of the different devices and apps. Check out the check out the Visibility page for more information on how you can get more visibility for your app.

Open source archive
The Sony Add-on SDK includes open source components that have been modified. You can download the open source archive (external link) from Developer World Mobile’s open source download area to see these modifications.