Develop for Xperia devices

Make your imaging app part of the smart social camera app in Xperia devices with the Camera Add-on API, or develop IR remote apps with the IR Remote API. And why not create Small Apps – apps that run on top of other applications and add smart solutions for daily routines that require multi-tasking.

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Develop Camera Add-ons, Small Apps and IR Remote apps

This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.
It's easy to get started. Install the Add-on SDK from Sony, and then check out the code examples, tutorials and API references.


Increase the visibility of your apps

Innovative apps using the Camera Add-on, Small App or IR Remote APIs have a great chance to stand out. By implementing certain a description on Google Play, these apps can be easily found by end users from the phone and tablet UI. Read more on the Visibility page.

Develop Camera Add-ons, Small Apps or IR Remote apps

App development using the Camera Add-on, Small App, and IR Remote APIs is easy. You'll have access to code examples, an emulator, tutorials and API references. There is also extensive technical documentation available through downloadable PDFs. Learn more about the Camera Add-on, Small App and IR Remote APIs.


Ready to get started developing?

Install the Sony Add-on SDK to get started developing Camera Add-on apps, IR Remote apps or Small Apps. This SDK comes with code examples, an emulator, tutorials and API references to make your app development for Xperia devices straightforward.
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