Archived SDKs

The following SDKs are deprecated and will no longer be supported by Sony. However, you can still use them to develop and experiment. For the list of supported SDKs, head to our Develop page.



Camera Add-on SDK API

Implement your imaging app as a part of Sony's social camera app with the Camera Add-on API.


Small Apps API

Develop apps that run on top of other applications and add solutions for daily routines that require multi-tasking.


IR Remote API

A number of Xperia devices have an IR remote sensor, by using the IR Remote API you are able to develop apps using the infrared signals.


SmartWatch 2

SmartWatch 2 is a wireless, waterproof accessory for any Android device running Android 4.0 or later, and serves as a multi-function watch, notifier, remote control, and most importantly, an Android app interface.