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Try Android Q Beta

Get your apps ready for Android Q on your Xperia XZ3 device! Have an early look at Android’s next version for testing, development and feedback.

Note: The Beta period is no longer active.

Latest updates

Once you have flashed your device with the Q Beta software, you’ll get over-the-air updates. See the latest updates below.


2018-06-27: QDP-QKQ1.190510.001-10073

Corrected issues since QDP-QKQ1.190406.002-10053:

  • Chromecast does not work for audio/video as cast icon is not shown

Known issues

  • Setup wizard can sync down backup data from google account/cloud, but not restore via Bluetooth/Wifi from other Xperia device
  • Camera functionality and quality are limited compared to Xperia SW
  • Camera button press is not starting camera, but double press on power button starts camera
  • Media playback support is not on par with Xperia SW
  • External SDcard is not fully supported for media playback and MTP
  • Audio routing with PHF is not fully working
  • Adoptable storage is not supported