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Try Android Q Beta

Get your apps ready for Android Q on your Xperia XZ3 device! Have an early look at Android’s next version for testing, development and feedback.

Note: The Beta period is no longer active.

The Android Q Beta period has now come to an end and we would like to thank all developers involved during this time. All of you who tested and sent us feedback on the software, much appreciated!

To know when Android Q is available for your device, please stay updated to the Sony Mobile blog for related news.

To return to official software, please connect your device back to Xperia Companion and follow the Software repair instructions.

Android Q Beta for Xperia XZ3

Use the Q Beta to test your apps with the new features of Android Q. This way you can make sure your apps are compatible with Androids new upcoming version. This Android version is an early baseline build intended for developers only. Test, develop and send us your feedback in order to meet your needs. Get an overview of all the new features and learn how to get started for your Xperia XZ3 – versions H8416H9436 and H9493.

Learn more about this beta version at Android Q Beta.

New features

Android Q brings a number of additional privacy and security features for users, as well as enhancements for foldables, new APIs for connectivity, new media codecs and camera capabilities, NNAPI extensions, Vulkan 1.1 support, faster app startup, and more.

If you want to see the complete list and learn more about the features, please visit Introducing Android Q.

Settings PanelsSettings Panels

Show key system settings directly in the context of your app, through a new Settings Panel API.

Q New ScreensQ New Screens

Foldables and innovative new screens.

Q LocationQ Location

More control over location.

Q ShortcutsQ Shortcuts

Sharing shortcuts.

Flash your device

Before flashing your compatible XZ3 device with Android Q Beta there are a few things you need to be aware of, so please read the following information carefully.

Important information

This is a beta software for your device, intended for application development and not for daily use. Please be aware that it might be unstable and functionality might be under development. All personal content in the device will be lost and you cannot use Backup or Restore as long as you run the preview software.

Not all variants of XZ3 will have the support for the Q Beta software, only versions H8416H9436 and H9493. Operator customized devices will not be able to download the Android Q Beta software version. To make sure you get a compatible device, the safest way is to buy a device directly from Sony Mobile.

The Dual Sim functionality that is present in some versions is not supported in Android Q Beta.

How to flash your compatible Xperia XZ3 device

There are 3 variants of Xperia XZ3 that can be flashed with Android Q Beta, H8416H9436 and H9493.

Note: Please do a factory reset of your device before you flash your device. The user data would have been erased regardless of this step but the device should be clean when installing the software.

Here’s how to flash your device:

  1. Make sure you have Xperia Companion v2.5 or later installed on your computer. If not, download the latest Xperia Companion from here
  2. Start Xperia Companion
  3. Hold down the ALT key (on computer) and click on "Software Repair" on the home screen
  4. Tick the checkbox “My device cannot be detected or started”, then click “Next”
  5. Wait for the initialization to complete, then follow the instructions on the screen

Note: You can return to factory settings/Xperia SW at any time by connecting back to Xperia Companion and following the Software repair (without holding ALT key).

Once you have flashed your device with the Q Beta software, all subsequent software releases will be provided via over-the-air updates. See Latest updates & Known issues for more information.

Send feedback

Google is keen to integrate developer feedback as early as possible into Android Q - the sooner the feedback is received, the more of the feedback can be integrated. When you find issues, please report them in the dedicated board on our talk forum.

Before reporting your issues, please take a look at the already known issues.