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Audio Control API

Develop apps to control Sony's latest home audio devices.

Announcement: Audio Control API program Closure

Dear users,

We regret to inform you that we have reached a decision to no longer support the Audio Control API program on Developer World. As a result, the program will be archived in September 2023. Going forward, there will be no further development or updates to this site, and it will be maintained in its current state for reference purposes only. However, the API will continue to function as expected on its supported devices.

We understand the value of community support, and as such, we will continue to provide support on the forum until September 2023.

Thank you for your support and contributions to the project.

The Audio Control API team

Create Audio Control Apps

Start developing your own audio control apps using Sony's Audio Control API. You can control features like power, volume, sound mode, functions and multi-zone.

Find out all about the API, then use the easy-to-follow guides and tutorials on this site to get going. Check out the introductory video to see what might be possible.

List of supported devices
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