Sony’s Theme Creator updated with new features

Today we have released a new version of our popular Theme Creator tool, which lets you build professional-looking themes for Xperia™ devices

We have added new features to the live wallpaper editor to make it easier for you to design cool and advanced live wallpapers that perform well.

Performance indicators

Making a wallpaper that looks good and one that performs well is not necessarily the same thing. In this version of the Theme Creator you are able to estimate the performance of your live wallpaper.

This example shows the indicator that a wallpaper may need optimization

When a performance meter reaches red, the wallpaper is very demanding and probably needs some optimization. Click the info button to show details.

This example shows the performance details tabs

The measure tab shows a detailed view of the apk size, memory usage and battery consumption. Please keep in mind that these are only approximations since it is impossible to provide exact numbers.

The identify tab can help you figure out the root causes of any high performance consumption. As we can see in the example above, we are rendering a lot of pixels.

By removing unnecessary layers and creating a lot of smaller images instead of a few big ones with high levels of transparency, we can decrease battery consumption.

The images below show what the performance indicator and performance details tabs might look like with an optimized wallpaper.


We have also introduced a “minimap” in the live wallpaper editor. The minimap lets you pan and zoom in the preview to make it easier to place items in detail.

To see the full list of new features, see the latest updates page or simply download the latest version of Theme Creator and get started. If you have any questions, head over to the support forum.

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