Xperia Projector

Join Sony’s Xperia Projector hackathon during GDC

On Friday, March 3rd, Android developers have an exclusive chance to get early access to the Xperia Projector. It’s an opportunity to get hands-on and develop innovative apps for the next smart product from Sony. The Xperia Projector turns any flat surface into a 23-80 inch interactive touch screen, and is perfect for collaborative use cases. Development is easy, Xperia Projector runs apps based on the standard Android SDK, with no add-ons or additional technology required.

There will be prizes for the most innovative apps, and you will have the chance to get support from Sony staff on site. Get the details and sign up at Seats are limited, so make sure to register as soon as possible and no later than Monday, February 27 at 11:59pm (California time). The hackathon takes place in San Francisco. We hope to see you there!
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