FLP at this year’s Developer Week Hackathon

We are excited to announce that the Future Lab Program will be present at this year’s Developer Week Hackathon, hosted on February 11 to 12 at Galvanize San Francisco – SoMa. This is the US’s largest challenge-driven hackathon with over 600 hackers. We’ll be presenting a challenge and a workshop for the Concept Prototype N. You will meet other developers as well as Sony engineers, who will introduce you to developing for N – from SDK setup to publishing.

If you’re not familiar with the Future Lab Program, it is where Sony shares Concept Prototypes still in development at Sony R&D with users for opportunities to co-create future lifestyles. N is the first Concept Prototype in Future Lab Program. It features an open-ear, neckband-style wearable device that allows users to hear ambient sound and stay engaged with the world, while benefiting from the additional audio information that N can provide. For N, we are opening the development environments. To learn more about N, visit the Future Lab Program N site.

The challenge at the Hackathon will be to create a new Segment for N, which enhances a user’s daily life. We will open new API including Speech-to-text function here in the hackathon. For this challenge we are handing out great prizes including the Concept Prototype N and Playstation® VRs! Learn more about the Hackathon and the challenges here.

So if you have the chance to attend, don’t miss this amazing event! We would be glad to see you there and hope you will join us in the challenge and workshop!

More information:
Develop for N
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• Developer Week Hackathon

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