Sony’s new LMX-001 display allows companies to fully customize their AR solutions

With the LMX-001 holographic waveguide display, companies can develop customized augmented reality (AR) solutions tailored for specific use cases. The waveguide display can be integrated into a range of products such as protective eyewear, motorcycle helmets, lab glasses and any other type of solutions where the user benefits from getting real-time information directly in the field of view.
The unit consists of an optical engine that renders monochrome green graphics, and a holographic waveguide glass plate projecting images in front of the eye. To meet professional quality and precision standards, the reinforced waveguide display combines an extremely slim profile (< 3 mm) with a see-through transmittance of over 85%.

The LMX-001 is intended for serial production and gives companies full freedom over the development of their AR solutions in terms of hardware and software design. To find out how to start a development project for a fully customized AR solution, visit the LMX-001 product page.
If you’re primarily interested in evaluating the optics and prototyping, you could also consider initially working with our SmartEyeglass Developer Edition. The SmartEyeglass is a complete set of smart glasses, with integrated camera and a range of sensors, ready for smartphone app development.

Come and visit us at CES in Las Vegas

For those of you that are going to the CES trade show in Las Vegas this week (5th—8th Jan), we’ll be showing off some real-life use cases with LMX-001. You’ll find us at the Sony Developer Program booth in South Hall 2 booth number 26029. If you won’t be at CES, but your company is interested in development with the LMX-001, please get in contact with us through the inquiry form on the LMX-001 product page.

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LMX-001 holographic waveguide display
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