Design great themes with the latest version of Sony’s Theme Creator

Themes are a great way to personalize Xperia™ devices, allowing users to pick and choose their own look and feel. With the version 1.2.0 release of Sony’s Theme Creator, you can easily create professional looking themes, using the latest features like live wallpaper, then publish your themes on Google Play.

The latest version of Sony’s Theme Creator comes with an updated UI, additional editable resources and the ability to use a built-in live wallpaper editor, making it easy to include that exciting feature into your themes.

What is the live wallpaper editor?

This is a new type of editor added into this release that allows you to create your own live wallpapers without any coding required. These wallpapers are usually animated, with moving images and are sometimes interactive. It’s easy to access the editor, simply insert an image for the System Wallpaper resource, then click the pen to edit and you will be shown an option to open the live wallpaper editor.


How does the live wallpaper editor work?

The editor provides a preview of the live wallpaper, which you can interact with manually or set to swipe automatically. You can also configure the preview, allowing you to view your live wallpaper on different types and size of device.


You’re able to organize your images into layers, with each layer containing one image. You can then apply various effects to that layer. Using the in-built effects, you can modify the layer position, and also control how the layer reacts to wallpaper offset, which is noticeable when the user swipes between home panes.


Your live wallpaper is simply integrated directly into your theme.

What else is new in Theme Creator version 1.2.0?

There are new resources available for customization of themes for devices that use Marshmallow, such as setting the transition type when swiping between home panes.

The UI has also been refined to create a more consistent and simplified look and feel.

Get support when creating your theme

During the creation process you may find that you have questions. You can use the Theme Creator forum to post your questions and get answers from Sony Support Engineers, as well as other Theme Creator users. Visit the forum here.

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