White paper on CSV export now available for Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor

A white paper detailing how you can export and analyze metadata as a CSV file from the Smart Tennis Sensor app, is now available for download.

The Smart Tennis Sensor comprises built-in motion and vibration sensors that allow players to analyze their tennis game. The unit weighs approximately 8 grams (0.29 oz) and plugs into the end of the racket handle. Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, data on swing speed, swing type, ball speed, ball spin, and impact location is fed in for every stroke. This tennis data can then be exported as metadata in the CSV file saved by the Smart Tennis Sensor app.

The white paper outlines how the metadata is structured in the CSV file. This new access to the tennis sensor data opens up opportunities for users interested in tracking their performance. Users can analyze their shot data statistically and plot their own graphs or share the data with a tennis coach. Download the white paper and find out more ways to use the metadata.

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