Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses receive HLAA Innovation Award

At the Hearing Loss Association of America convention 2016, Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses received an innovation award for their ability to display movie captions directly on the wearer’s field-of-view. The glasses thereby improve the experiences of people with hearing loss, demonstrating another valuable use of AR technology.

The Entertainment Access Glasses are a predecessor to Sony’s SmartEyeglass and make use of the same holographic technology to display captions directly on the lenses for natural unobstructed viewing. The glasses consist of the main eyewear module as well as a receiver that contains the capability to connect headphones, allowing for special audio tracks for the hearing impaired. A data transmitter uses a radio frequency to transmit data from a digital cinema server to the glasses’ receiver box, which can then provide the speakers with audio and the lenses with captions.

The HLAA motivated the win in their press release with: “The experience of being an equal part of the community cannot be overstated.”


This demonstrates another way that AR glasses can be a viable solution to real world problems. Sony’s SmartEyeglass complements its holographic display technology with a camera and a number of data-collecting sensors, allowing for a broad application scope lending itself to many possibilities. One such use case is remote guidance, which can lead to remote solutions for mechanical fixes or repairs instead of needing experts to travel the world. Other possible uses include displaying important hands-free information to rescue workers in dangerous environments or providing an opera audience with translations and subtitles on their field of view.

This technology has the potential to make a difference in many situations. Learn more about SmartEyeglass and how to start developing your own solutions by visiting our guides, tutorials and API references.

For more information on previous use cases take a look at the links below.

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