SmartEyeglass SDK v 1.5 with modified applications for Android 6

SmartEyeglass SDK v1.5 is now available with updated applications for Android 6 including: HelloWidget, SmartEyeglass Emulator, and SmartEyeglass Monitor. The applications allows for enhanced testing via both emulation and monitoring.

There has also been a correction to the SmartExtensionAPI, in this latest version. The documentation incorrectly stated that the Push to Talk and Camera key behavior could be overridden by the API. The default behavior of these keys cannot be changed.

The SmartEyeglass HelloWidget sample code, Emulator APK and Monitor APK are included within the SmartEyeglass SDK. Download the new SmartEyeglass SDK v1.5 and get SmartEyeglass product and purchase details at the Developer World website.

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