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Sony announced the launch of the Future Lab Program, which opens up Sony R&D to consumers and developers, at this year’s SXSW. This week, we’re giving developers a preview of the SDK for concept “N” at Wearable World Congress (WWC) in Santa Clara, CA. Developers can now register to be a part of Future Lab Program on Developer World.

The Future Lab Program allows people outside of Sony to try experimental products first and give feedback on their experiences. We’ll be introducing a way for developers to get access to concept prototypes from the Future Lab Program.

At Wearable World Congress, we’ll be giving information on the first prototype, “N,” which is a hands-free device that enables users to receive audio information and entertainment. If you’ll be at WWC, stop by to see demos, get an SDK preview, and ask the Future Lab Program staff questions.

Sign up on the Future Lab Program for Developers registration site for access to SDKs, product news, invites to developer events, and more. To get more information about “N,” head to the concept “N” site.

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