Emergency support system using SmartEyeglass wins at IoT hackathon

Last weekend, a solution making use of Sony’s SmartEyeglass in an emergency support system for rescue teams won the “Intelligent Building” category at 2016’s Nordic IOT Hackathon.

The winners, a Russian team called PSALM, met while studying together at Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. The winning solution, ‘Invisual’, was a rescue system mainly to be used by firefighters arriving at a fire in order to locate any remaining people in the building as well as the best point of entry and exit.

The solution: ‘Invisual’
Vladimir Aluferov from PSALM told us, “It is a modular solution that integrates with existing systems in smart buildings (RTLS/people presence/fire alarm) and makes this data visual for the firefighters/rescuing teams when they arrive at the fire.”

SmartEyeglass at NIOTH 2016

Teams at NIOTH 2016 use Sony’s SmartEyeglass to build solutions for various use cases.

The solution prototype consisted of several parts, with Sony’s SmartEyeglasses displaying important information on the firefighters’ field of view such as number of rooms on the floor, their temperature and whether they contained any people. The building itself was also equipped with LED bars on the outer side of the building in order to highlight windows with people inside, and a smart indoor navigation system directing away from fire blocked exits.

SmartEyeglass UI

SmartEyeglass UI on the ‘Invisual’ rescue team solution.

Vladimir explained further, “We are using a mesh network for transport that implies that if a particular segment of the network is down then the information would be routed through the best available nodes.”

PSALM, made up of members Vladimir Aluferov, Eugene Levenetc, Andrey Prokopiev, and Alexey Schebelev, also won NIOTH 2015 with a Smart Transportation solution and saw this year’s hackathon as a great opportunity to work with AR for the first time. They explained that they appreciated the many detailed examples provided in the SDK and the helpfulness of Sony engineers on Stack Overflow.  They also enjoyed the handiness of the emulator as it, “provides a possibility to develop without needing to wear Sony’s SmartEyeglass.”

The participating teams at the Nordic IOT Hackathon which took place in Malmö, Sweden, came from around the world and were given the choice to develop for a number of different products and several teams chose to work on Sony’s SmartEyeglass.

Other use cases with SmartEyeglass include remote guidance and providing convenient subtitles at the opera through Opera Touch SL.

Are you also interested in developing for SmartEyeglass? Don’t hesitate to check out the links below.

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