The set up for Live Streaming for SmartEyeglass with a phone, server, and a computer.

Livestreaming App for SmartEyeglass available as open source project

Hi, my name is Ahmet Yildirim and I’m a Software Engineer working with Sony’s SmartEyeglass. To showcase one of the many ways that you can utilize SmartEyeglass as a complete hands-free solution, my colleagues Robert McCain, Marlin Liew and I developed a sample application called ‘Livestreaming App for SmartEyeglass’. You can use the SmartEyeglass camera to show a colleague what you are looking at while they communicate with you through text that displays on SmartEyeglass.

Using the SmartEyeglass camera, you can see from the point of view of remote personnel. Meanwhile, a display on SmartEyeglass enables you to communicate with that person by inputting text on the computer that displays on SmartEyeglass.

This allows the person working remotely – wearing SmartEyeglass – to maintain complete focus on their task. This makes for a good sample project for hands-free assistance or distraction-free communication.

The set up for Live Streaming for SmartEyeglass with a phone, server, and a computer.

SmartEyeglass connects to a remote computer via a server to receive text and to share the SmartEyeglass camera’s view.

If you would like to try out ‘Livestreaming App for SmartEyeglass’ yourself, just follow the steps below to get your application set up for the first time:

How to set up live streaming application

1. Download and extract the contents of the zip package to your computer.
2. Install LivestreamingApp.apk provided by the zip package onto your mobile phone.
3. Make sure SmartEyeglass is connected to your phone.
4. Locate in the extracted folder.
5. Launch startServer.bat on your computer located in PC-nodeJS-Server folder.
6. Keep this server running and notice the provided IP address in the server window. It should be the LAN IP address of your computer.
7. Launch SmartEyeglass live streaming extension on your mobile phone.

Livestreaming App for SmartEyeglass

Livestreaming App for SmartEyeglass

8. Enter the IP address that was provided on the server window and press Save IP address.
9. Launch SmartEyeglass live streaming extension on SmartEyeglass.

SmartEyeglass Emulator

SmartEyeglass Emulator

10. Once the application is started, tap on the touchpad of SmartEyeglass to start the stream.
11. Go to http://localhost using a web browser on your computer to view live streaming from SmartEyeglass camera. You can also visit http://Server_computer_IP_Address from your other devices to view the live stream.

PC Viewer displaying the image from the SmartEyeglass camera

You can type messages that display on SmartEyeglass. This is the image from the SmartEyeglass camera shown on the computer.

Please note, you should make sure the firewall on your wireless network allows communication between devices on port 80.

Hopefully this will help you develop your own remote guidance solutions. If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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