SmartEyeglass used to enhance opera experiences with immersive Opera Touch SL service

The Opera Company of San Sebastian, Opus Lirica, has just announced it is first in line to use SmartEyeglass technology with Opera Touch SL to create a more immersive opera experience for its audiences. The service connects SmartEyeglass to a server to create a new cultural space where the Opera Touch system can provide subtitles, translations, artist info, current action, and even live scoring, to SmartEyeglass for an enhanced opera experience within your line of sight.

Subtitles and translations at the opera with Opera Touch SL
Traditionally, subtitles at operas are displayed above the stage close to the ceiling. This requires focusing your attention towards the ceiling of the opera house, as well as the stage area for the on-set performance. Additionally, the usual single or double language subtitling is now avoided as spectators select from a variety of languages for both local and international audiences. With SmartEyeglass it is now possible to get these subtitles, and even more options, without moving your head for a practical, smoother experience at the opera.

Opera Touch SL using green subtitles to display on SmartEyeglass by Sony.

Opera Touch SL on SmartEyeglass showing live scores in your field of view. (Photo of tenor Miguel Ángel Lobato, singing ‘La donna è mobile’ from Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’.)

Live tweeting and Opus Lirica productions
Opera Touch SL has also created a new social community as users can live tweet ‘bravos!’ during performances without disrupting the performance itself. This connects the live opera to the digital world in real time opening up the possibilities for audience participation.

Opus Lirica’s La Traviata will be the first production to get started with Opera Touch SL at Auditorio Kursaal in Donostia San Sebastian in February 2016, followed by the next Opus Lirica production of Don Pasquale in October 2016. Other opera houses in Europe, and further afield, have already expressed interest in this new cultural space. They hope to roll out this innovative way to present subtitles and create connectivity during opera performances in the near future.

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