AR rendering API now included in the SmartEyeglass SDK

Today we have released a new version of the SmartEyeglass SDK (Developer Preview) that includes a new AR rendering API. That means you can now render text and graphics to stay overlaid onto fixed real-world positions seen through SmartEyeglass. If the user turns to look in another direction, the text and graphics will stay overlaid the fixed position as long as the object is still in view.

What’s new in this release?
The new release of the SmartEyeglass SDK comes with a new AR rendering guide describing how to implement and use the AR Rendering API. By implementing the AR Rendering API in your SmartEyeglass app, you can render text and graphics that takes the coordinates of both the user and a visible object into account.

To make this possible, the AR engine uses a system of three different coordinate systems for determining and describing positions. Find out more about AR rendering, the coordinate systems, and how to add dynamic and fixed-placed objects to the AR rendering system in the SmartEyeglass AR rendering guide in the SmartEyeglass SDK pages.

SmartEyeglass cylindrical coordinate system.

SmartEyeglass cylindrical coordinate system.

Other notable and key features in the latest SmartEyeglass SDK version include the possibility to display updates for images with call back, and new information on how to define the required and target API levels for your application. Check out the complete list of new and improved features in the SmartEyeglass revisions section of the SmartEyeglass SDK pages.


Get started developing SmartEyeglass apps
The SmartEyeglass SDK is an add-on to your Android SDK, and it includes a number of in-depth tutorials and guides to get you started developing SmartEyeglass apps. The SmartEyeglass SDK also includes a SmartEyeglass emulator to make it easy to develop and verify apps without having the actual hardware at hand.

It’s easy to get started developing for SmartEyeglass. Simply download and install the latest version of the SmartEyeglass SDK (Developer Preview) using the Android SDK Manager. Check out the SmartEyeglass get started guide on

If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a comment below.

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